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Nepal telecom kathmandu

Nepal Telecommunication Authority, Kamaladi,Kathmandu announces vacancy published on 15 November for the various positions in open and inclusive categories to be fulfilled through open competition.

Job details given below: 1. As a valuable member of EducateNepal. Social Media. Contact Us. About Us. Latest News:. Thursday April 9, Vacancy announcement from Nepal Telecom. Previous Vacancy Notices Home Next.

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Illegal, obscene, vulgar, indecent, or objectionable. Used for chatting or violating the question and answer format. Identical or nearly identical to the question or answer posted already. For the purpose of employment or offers of employment. Used for self promotion or advertisements. Accusatory about a person or institute. Copyrighted material or violates any applicable law or regulations.In the last few years, internet speed has dramatically improved in Kathmandu.

Telecoms operators such as Nepal Telecom and Ncell have started offering 4G services, and Wi-Fi has become more widespread. Nepal Telecom offers a free SIM card to foreigners arriving at the airport, but of course, you need to pay for the data plans. To get the free SIM, all you need is your passport and a passport-size photograph.

Alternatively, you can buy a prepaid SIM card in any local stores, you just have to present your passport and a passport-size photograph. You can buy prepaid recharge cards in many grocery stores in Kathmandu, as well as mobile phone and telecoms stores. The data plans and rates keep changing; they introduce new offers every month or two, so be sure to check all the available offers, data volume, validity, and price before subscribing to any data plans.

Kathmandu is also a good place to work remotely. Most hotels and coffee shops now provide decent free internet, suitable for checking emails, browsing, and making video calls.

The Himalayan Java Coffee chain has good internet service and, for my money, some of the best coffee around. The internet is free; you just have to pay for the food.

For the price of one cup of coffee — or a can of Sherpa craft beer—you can stay here all day using their high-speed Wi-Fi, no questions asked. It closes at 10 p. Join our newsletter to get exclusives on where our correspondents travel, what they eat, where they stay. Free to sign up. Jul 19 Author: Aakar AnilPhotographer: Shutterstock.

Surf the web, drink coffee, eat momos. Kathmandu City Guide.

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Featured City Guides. More Guides.As a gamer in Nepal, you may have faced many problems. I faced the same problem. One month before lockdown due to coronavirus spread, it was mid-Feb,I was in my flat in Kathmandu, playing online games. My ISP was Worldlink. Beforetheir internet service was quite good. But afterward, it began to worsen.

If I played games, I used to die in 80 games because of my unstable internet connection. I used to complain every now and then, I used to call their customer service more than 10 times a day and still facing the same problem again another day. I even gave up gaming because of such a poor internet connection. And among the worsts, Worldlink was a better one at least to me. ADSL was poor in terms of speed and stability. Even if it said 5 Mbps, I never got over kbps due to the link instability.

But this fiber internet from Nepal Telecom amazed me. With ping around ms and that too with consistency, this ISP is best for gaming. Also, the price range is quite reasonable. FYI, I currently have 3 users here. Similarly, for the outside ring road even in Kathmandu valleyit is in a phase of expanding.

If you have jumped directly to the last paragraph looking for a summary, here it is. There is a new beast in town and only at Rs.

nepal telecom kathmandu

They are also going to provide IPTV service soon. This service is currently available in 28 districts of Nepal while the availability may be limited to some specific areas of the city. There are different unlimited internet packages along with combo packs. Latest Posts Ncell submits Rs Top-up Nepal Telecom number without recharge card!! Nepal Telecom puts CoronaVirus awareness message in ring tones. Ntc to upgrade its data system on Falgun 21; tells possible issues.At first, the high-speed internet speed was available in Kathmandu and then they expanded it to more cities.

FTTH stands for Fiber to the home, which is a next-generation access technology to provide high speed, reliable and quality internet service to your fixed locations through the use of optical fiber. They are also going to provide IPTV service with the fiber line. Compared to the traditional copper-based line, FTTH provides better quality voice and internet services due to the use of optical fiber and IP based technology.

Optical fiber is a transmission medium used in the FTTH fiber internet service, which has low signal degradation along its length and high bandwidth which is not possible with the copper or coaxial cables.

Nepal Telecom 16th Anniversary, More Offers and Bonus, MD Of Nepal Telecom

As per their plan to distribute the high-speed fiber internet in all major cities, Ntc started the service from Jestha 27, in Kirtipur. Now the fiber internet service of Nepal Telecom aka NT fiber is available in 25 districts.

Ntc connects the fiber to the customer premises through its exchanges. Here we shall provide the detailed information of Ntc FTTH availability from those exchanges so that it will be easy to know whether the Fiber internet is available in your place or not.

Here are the areas in Lalitpur districts where Ntc fiber internet is available. READ : How to get an internet connection at home?

How to find the best prepaid SIM card when visiting Nepal

The basic pack of 8 Mbps for an individual user will cost Rs for a month. Subscribing the 8 Mbps internet for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months, the cost will be a little cheaper. There are several unlimited FTTH packs with speed ranging differently for individual and corporate users.

For individual users, the internet speeds are 8 Mbps, 18 Mbps, 35 Mbps, and 55 Mbps. Similarly, for corporate users, here are the different unlimited FTTH packs. NTC has also a combo offer which includes voice service and internet service provided from the same line. Right now, you can get the offer at Rs per month which includes minutes on-net voice and 15 Mbps unlimited internet.

nepal telecom kathmandu

There are other packs of unlimited internet of 25 Mbps, 40 Mbps, and 60 Mbps while the monthly voice minutes remain the same as per month. Subscribing for more months, you can get a discount on the monthly price of each combo pack.

Read more on the FTTH combo pack. Tell us if you are interested to subscribe Ntc FTTH service if it is available in your place in the comment below. Latest Posts Ncell provides international call discount and free digital services for New year Ncell submits Rs Nepal Telecom extends stay connected offer for Covid lockdown.

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Top-up Nepal Telecom number without recharge card!! Nepal Telecom puts CoronaVirus awareness message in ring tones. Nepal Telecom extends stay connected offer for Covid…. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

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Accept Read More. Nepalitelecom is a website which provides latest telecom news, information and offers in Nepal. Do follow us in our fb, twitter to get the latest posts. Likes Followers Subscribers Followers. You might also like. Public voice.

nepal telecom kathmandu

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Learn how we make money. Last updated: 11 October If you are visiting this South Asian country, you can cut down your expenses by investing in a local prepaid SIM card during your stay. Nepal is one of a growing number of countries taking extra steps to prevent prepaid SIM cards from being used in criminal activities.

You must have your passport with you when you visit a store to buy a SIM card. The company will make a copy of your passport and take your photo as well.

There are top-up scratch cards available for purchase starting at NPR Since the Ncell default rate for data is NPR3. All the packages listed below included free trips to both Twitter and Wikipedia. They are:. Speed is throttled to just 32 Kbps after the limit is reached. This package is called Ncell Connect. There are three monthly packages available:. Make sure you call ahead to see if this has been remedied before your visit.

Nepal Telecom

Your account activates when you make your first call or by dialing The following packages offer better deals.

Smart Telecom got a license in Nepal in but its coverage is sporadic and only in 2G. It got a license for 4G in and indications are that it will come online at the end of the year. Check out a coverage map to see where Smart Telecom is hoping to deploy its 4G network.He stressed that NT has a great scope for the incorporation of value added services.

He said that he had noticed a tendency in NT that even after providing the training, most employees are not assigned the job they are trained for. He appreciated the way NT is mobilizing its surplus fund by investment in different national projects. He commended it as a key step toward ensuring the capital protection.

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They also pointed that there need to be a supervising authority that needs to regulate the purchase of equipment and machineries so that NT can provide high quality services to its customers. Till date, NT has a total of around 50 lakh customers -the largest customer base.

The total teledensity of Nepal is The company during the last fiscal year has posted a total of Rs Meantime, NT had extended the discounts of fered to the end of Baisakh. Earlier on its anniversary, NT had announced certain discounts in its services from the beginning of Falgun till the end of Chaitra.

The discounts offered have no connecting charge for PSTN service and no fine for pending bill payment. He appreciated the way NT is mobilising its surplus fund by investment in different national projects. So those tele-services we are getting here are poor and cannot meet the demands of globalization.

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To be precise, we are living in the stone age or referred to as dark age. I am sure that NTC will fall apart in the days to come if managed and developed this way. Nepal is on the third last position. What an insult of our holy country. Rabin, Thank you for your comment. Had there been rules and those leaders would follow them first, Nepal would have been something else. But what NTA does is never listen to others, monopoly is gaining market in Nepalese data market.

Be it a private ISP or a state owned telecom corporation, this sad thing is making Nepal the first from the last stage.

Nepal Telecom

Yes, Nepal is still among the lowest data connectivity rank country-wise. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. Competitors may outshine NT soon, says Minister Kathmandu. On Apr 12, Related articles. Dec 31, Their SIM card network is available in most of the places. As people find it difficult to get the information for the buying SIM cards, they keep on asking for detailed information.

This is true for foreigners or Nepalese coming from abroad and also for people living in Nepal. This post, we will provide detailed information on how and where to buy a SIM card in Nepal. People from abroad also have roaming facility enabled in their home SIM card. Some of them prefer to use the same SIM card with their number. But as some find it expensive to use international roaming, they look for a local SIM card for their stay in Nepal.

Of course, they will save huge money by doing so. Whereas Ncell is the leading private mobile operator with 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile services. Then there is Smart Telecom which has 2G and 4G service. Regarding the coverage, Ntc and Ncell have almost similar coverage. But if you are one of those who love to travel to the rural areas either for work or travel, we recommend using the Ntc SIM card.

The coverage of Ncell for 4G is bigger than Ntc. A post shared by NepaliTelecom.

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Smart Telecom is the third-largest telecom operator but its coverage is quite limited. Find the latest update on their Smart Telecom coverage.

nepal telecom kathmandu

If you are coming from abroad, you can buy the prepaid SIM cards in the international airport itself. You can find the NTC and Ncell counters outside the arrival terminal. You can also ask the local security personnel for the SIM card counters in the Airport. The SIM card is also available to buy near the bus parks like New bus park.

Or You can take the help of locals or the staff in hotels where you are staying. For a foreigner, you need to show your passport and visamake a copy to attach it to a SIM card registration form Or in some places they will do it for you. For Ncell, you just need to give your passport to make a copy, they will fill the required information in the form and ask for your local address.

For a Nepalese, you need to provide a copy of your citizenship certificate, a photo and fill the registration form, and get a SIM card with its cost.


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