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Speer 270 grain deep curl load data

On the scene for nearly 50 years, it's the most versatile revolver round of them all. By Patrick Sweeney The author's favorite guns for the. However, he doesn't feed them the heavyweights, only loads up to s at 1, fps max. Hotter loads go into Rugers. We all know the history, how Elmer Keith loaded the.

And in so doing, he embarrassed the ammunition- and handgun-makers into realizing what a great cartridge they had been overlooking. What Elmer Keith did to achieve his breakthrough was simple: He designed a bullet with more of its shape and thus volume out of the case than in.

Doing so gave him more case capacity. And he used slower-burning powders than had previously been used for handguns. Whereas most handgun cartridges in the early part of the 20th century were loaded with Bullseye or other fast pistol-powders, he used fast rifle-powders.

The availability of a variety of powders with differing burn rates was a relatively new development when it appeared in the s. And finally, he exceeded the pressure limits of the. Compared to the Colt SAA or the raft of other. By today's standards it is not, and if you have one, you should not attempt to follow in Keith's footsteps. What was significant was that he was first, and he was a thorough experimenter who learned from his mistakes. The end result was a great advance, but you must recognize all those reasons in order to safely load the.

Unlike many other cartridges, the. Run at the sedate and low pressures of the. A grain lead semiwadcutter loaded to only fps posts a power factor of beyond all but the top-end. At that power level the cases may come out of your revolver grubby from carbon. Without enough pressure to expand the case to a tight seal, gas blowback can come between the case and chamber walls, creating the carbon coat.

In its current full-power guise, the. I know for a fact that a hard-cast bullet pushed along at "only" 1, fps can penetrate and exit a inch-deep stack of ballistic-gelatin blocks. The could do the same even after going through bone.

A full-power. The newest and even more powerful level, the "third.Print Thread. Hop To. Joined: May I've been reloading sincebut unfortunately stopped in and recently started to get back into it. I only found reloading data directly on Speer's website, but I've heard some issues with this particular type of projectile and reloading. Anything I need to worry about. Speer has the COAL at 1. Has anyone had any experience with this bullet and.

I am using Joined: Aug South Carolina. I load em over H too. I cant off top of my head remember grain, want to think 19gr. Great bullet, deer don't like em. Joined: Nov NW MT. I load them over 21 gr H and WLP. The swamp. Hodgdon shows With a COL of 1. Take kids shooting and hunting. Joined: Dec Everyone Thank You! I have loaded using May head out Saturday and check them. Joined: Jul I'm using a deep curl in my 50 AE.

Be Well, Rustyzipper. Pikeville, TN. I am using that bullet in my muzzleloader. I does a good job on deer. State of Jefferson. Originally Posted by Arizona Here be dragons I've shot a ton of s over the years.Sometimes you just have to wonder what happens in between the birth of a great idea and the actual carrying out of bringing it to reality. Marlin and Remington put their heads together and came up with an excellent idea.

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That is, coming up with a levergun more powerful than the. The cartridge was the. As a teenager I often lusted over the pictures of the Marlin Modelespecially The Texan, pictured in the outdoor magazines of the time. It was available in the nearly legendary. What could be better for use on deer and black bear in deep woods? My first Marlin levergun, actually my first firearm ever, was my very own.

Shortly thereafter it was followed by my first. It would take a few decades more before I ever found a straight-gripped. In between, Marlin and Remington introduced the. What could make a better short range combination for deer and black bear, even hogs, than an easy handling, quick into action levergun with such a relatively powerful cartridge?

A Model and a companion cartridge loaded with a grain bullet. It appears Marlin originally saw the Model as a long-range rifle which would be equipped with a scope.

Remington originally developed the matching ammunition with a grain bullet. However, they soon began loading the. Three shots with the Hornady FP; the. Long before I bought a ModelI found a new picture of a Marlin Model which was the stuff dreams are made of; at least my youthful dreams.


Some enterprising gunsmith had taken a. Now, we really had something! I filed this in the back of my mind for future reference. It is obvious from this picture how deeply grain bullets must be seated to function through the action of the Marlin.

It is a slightly tapered case going from. The nearly straight-walled. The case is tapered enough that carbide dies are not available for its reloading. I have been well served by RCBS. Everything utilized to load the.

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I definitely like and use RCBS products. There are certainly quite a few powders applicable to loading the. When it comes to reloading as far as I am concerned, there are only two types of brass, Starline and everything else. For decades Starline has been my first choice for all loading of sixgun and semi-automatic pistol cartridges.

Now that Starline is beginning to produce rifle brass, I expect the same attributes as found in their pistol cartridges.Not all products listed on the site are available in-store.

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Please expect delays in shipping due to the current situation. DeepCurl Handgun Hunting bullets are tough for deep penetration that gives reliable performance every time. For those who seek challenges, try taking your next trophy with a handgun and make sure to load DeepCurl. Formerly known as Gold Dot Handgun Hunting, Speer uses the same bonding technology they always have in these outstanding handgun bullets.

Speer Bullets electro-chemically bonds the jacket to the core to create a tough bullet for the harshest of conditions. Preformed petals give you controlled expansion and retained weight for deep penetration and excellent accuracy.

Conventional reloading data developed for standard jacketed bullets should not be used to load DeepCurl rifle bullets. DeepCurl handgun bullets can use data from the Speer Reloading Manual Your cart is empty. Item s In Cart. Shipping and taxes calculated at checkout. Sign In. Create Account. Checkout as Guest. Fenton, MO Create Account Sign In. Home Ammo Reloading. Notify Me. Details Shipping Compatible Items DeepCurl Handgun Hunting bullets are tough for deep penetration that gives reliable performance every time.The majority of shooting I do with my Winchester Model Lead bullets make great, inexpensive, mild-recoiling loads for this general shooting.

With the Hornady grain semi-wadcutter swaged lead bullets the accuracy of the Model 94 is great as long as the velocity stays close to or less than 1, fps. At that velocity a wash of. In fact, after 40 shots, five of the swaged lead bullets grouped in less than an inch at 50 yards with 6.

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These bullets can be loaded for a slower velocity, but open sights may not have enough elevation adjustment to compensate for slower bullet speed. With the rear sight on the top elevator on the Model 94 carbine, bullets at fps are right on at about 80 yards but 4 inches low at yards.

I set my seating die to seat the bullets for a cartridge length of 1. How cheap is that? Casting your own bullets is the only way to be more frugal. Then I realized the bullets had a cast diameter of. Ever since I have skipped sizing the bullets and instead roll them in a jar with enough Johnson paste wax to mostly fill the lube grooves.

I lay the bullets out on a sheet of wax paper until the paste wax is dry and then load them. The wax does produce a little smoke when the bullets are fired, but I can live with that. These bullets are cast with a mixture of wheelweights with some tin, so they can be driven somewhat faster than swaged lead bullets without leading the bore.

My standard load is 8. That speed translates into bullets hitting 2 inches high at 25 yards and right on at yards. The load is similar to a full-bore load in a. The recoil of these loads ranks on the mild side from my 5.

The sharp edge might hang up entering the chamber. I had great hopes my. In fact, some of the bullets completely missed the target papers at 50 yards. But five different loads produced dismal accuracy. Too bad, as velocities were right up there at nearly 2, fps.

At that top speed, the bullets should hit one inch high at 50 yards and drop off only 4 inches at yards. The Hornady grainers clocked 1, fps with At that velocity the grain bullet has nearly the same trajectory as the grain bullet at 2, fps.Eligible for. Speer DeepCurl bullets were designed for deep penetration. This line formally known as the Gold Dot Hunting line uses the same bonding technology that has always been used.

Each jacket is electro-chemically bonded to the core to create a tough bullet that will perform in the harshest conditions, giving reliable performance every time.

The preformed petals give controlled expansion and the high retained weight gives deep penetration and excellent accuracy when the time comes for that once in a lifetime shot. This is not loaded ammunition. Special Note: DeepCurl's unique construction process joins the jacket to the core at the molecular level for excellent performance and consistency.

For this reason, conventional reloading data developed for standard jacketed bullets should not be used to load DeepCurl bullets. Only DeepCurl specific reloading data released by Speer Bullets should be used. It can be found at the Speer website or by contacting Speer Technical Services. We use Cookies to give you the best possible experience. You can learn more about the Cookies we use and why we use them by viewing our Privacy Policy.

By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies. Videos 1. Add to Cart for Special Price. Additional charges for Non Free Shipping products, products shipping to remote locations, HazMat products, and large or heavy items still apply. See Details. One Time Offers have limited quantities available and usually once they are sold out, they are not offered again.

Ships today from MidwayUSA. Made in USA. Quantity: 50 Bullet. Notify Me. Add to Wish List.

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Update Your Browser Now! Own this product? Product Reviews are not compatible with your browser.Print Thread. Hop To. Joined: Jun It groups extremely well, but I have yet to hunt with it. I haven't gotten around to doing much deer hunting with a handgun yet, but how do you think this load will perform on a deer? How bout a black bear? I do some hiking and hunting in Brown bear country as well, being that the gold dot line is intended for defence against 2 legged creatures, I'm thinking that it might not be a tough enough for this task.

What do you think. I know buffalo bore makes a grain load with a bullet they call the gr. Speer Uni Core. I don't know if it is the same as the gold dot or not, but they claim it is good for animals up to lbs.

Joined: Jan Utah, U. I've cranked deer mule deer with the grain Remington hollow points. They break both shoulders and make a nice half dollar sized exit hole. I am a big fan of the Hornady XTP's as well. The and grain XTP's are a fabulous bullet. Cast bullets work fine if you just want a caliber sized exit hole and would channel, but don't expect much of a blood trail or animal reaction unless you hit heavy bone or the CNS.

Flinch Outdoor Gear broadhead extractor. The best device for pulling your head out. Joined: Nov NW MT.

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I plan on using this bullet on a muley this fall. Out of my Marlin. Out of my 6 inch it is plenty accurate too. I wanted a mushroom to put on the shelf by the others, so I shot it into some water filled milk jugs. I can tell you a couple of things. It takes more than 7 jugs to stop it out of the revolver.

It also traveled a straight line, and did not open. I was not able to recover the bullet, maybe when the snowbank melts, but the exit hole on the last jug was caliber sized, and had a flap.

Meaning the bullet did not cut a clean hole, but pushed it's way through. I figure the meplat is big enough, even if it doesn't open it'll do fine. I really like the grain hardcast from Cast Performance, but it won't feed reliably from the Marlin.

For what it's worth my load, 21g H, is a little slower than what you listed, going mid s. What about a bear defense situation.


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